General Lease Terms

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        General Lease Terms

Driving License – Documents

It is required to present a valid driver’s license, validation for at least one (1) year prior the date of vehicle rent, which the Lessee is asked to present along with her/his identity card or passport. The valid license must be issued either by Greek authorities or a European Union member. Licenses validated in third countries must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit.


  • Minimum age limit of 21 years, on the condition of holding a driver’s license for at least one (1) year for renting vehicles in categories A, B, C, D.
  • Minimum age limit of 25 years, on the condition of holding a driver’s license for at least three (3) years, for renting vehicles in all other categories.
  • Drivers aged 21-23: Additional charge applies to young drivers.
  • Maximum age limit is set at 75 years.

Reservations – Methods of payment

All reservations are made according to the vehicle category and not for a specific model. In case of unavailability of a vehicle of the category pre-selected by the Lessee and before the pick-up, the Company reserves the right to provide the Lessee with a vehicle of the same or higher category, without additional charge. If the Lessee does not pick up the vehicle on the date and time scheduled, without any notification, then the Company will cancel the reservation after three (3) hours, without refund.

An advance debit is obtained for the selected payment method as a guarantee. The exact payment amount as well as the driver are determined upon receipt of the vehicle and cannot be changed. All credit and debit cards, except prepaid cards, are accepted as a form of payment and must be presented, if requested, upon the pickup of the vehicle. All additional costs incurred during the rental period will be charged on that card.

If the Lessee wishes to cancel or change the reservation, with a fee occurrence, he/she must give notice either online or in writing to the Company, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled rental date and time. If the rental period has been prepaid and the Lessee requests a change, the amount paid in advance will not be returned, nor will any difference that occurs due to lesser rental cost. In the event of cancellation, the prepaid amount is refunded, but is subjected to a cancellation fee which is equal to the cost of rental for a maximum of 3 days.

Pickup- Drop Off – Destinations

  • The pickup/drop off takes place either at Athens International Airport “El.Venizelos”, or at Piraeus and Rafina ports, or at the company’s headquarters in Peristeri.
  • Pickup/ drop off in places other than the above are carried out after consultation.
  • Pickup/ drop off outside of business hours, there is a charge of €20,00.
  • Travelling between mainland and islands is allowed within Greek territory.
  • Cross-border rentals are not allowed. In case of violation of geographical restrictions, all insurance/ protection policies cease to apply.

Accessories, extras, fines

  • Child car seat: The Lessee is solely responsible for installation of the child car seat, which he/she must have in his/her provision. Under no circumstances does the company undertake the responsibility to assemble the child car seat. In case of breakage, loss or incorrect placement, the Lessee is considered responsible, and must further pay a monetary charge to the Company for ant damage to the vehicle.
  • Drivers per vehicle: The maximum number of drivers is set at 3 people. The charge for each additional driver is 4€/day.
  • Snow chains: The use of snow chains is set at 10€/day upon customer request and Company availability, with a maximum charge of 50€/rental.
  • Fuel: The Lessee must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that was received, in case of returning the vehicle with a lesser amount of fuel than the amount in which the vehicle was received, the Lessee will be charged the difference. If the amount of fuel when returning the vehicle is greater than in which it was received, there is no compensation foreseen for the Lessee.
  • Accident: In the event of an accident a handling fee applies if the vehicle has been damaged.
  • Fine: The Lessee is responsible for paying all fines against the Road Traffic Code (R.T.C) issued during the tenancy. In the event that the Lessee does not pay the corresponding find and the Company has to intervene, then a fee will be imposed in addition to the fine charge to the Lessee.
  • Cleaning of vehicle: In the case that the vehicle needs a special cleaning procedure upon its return, a charge will be imposed on the Lessee.


Insurance coverage is provided for the rented vehicle, including third party liability (excluding the driver). For material damage a maximum coverage of € 1.300.000,00 per accident and €1.300.000,00 for bodily injury to third parties per victim. Damages that may arise from the same cause, are considered a single accident.

In the event that the company is forced to pay capital, judicial or extrajudicial fees, beyond the limit of coverage, it has the right to appeal against the Lessee.

In the event of changes to the above limits, the minimum limits will always apply, as determined by Greek legislation. Damages that exceed the limit of insurance coverage or are excluded from it, will bore the Lessee entirely.

The insurance does not apply in case of transporting dangerous goods, illegal activities or driving under the influence of substances. There is also no coverage if the driver using the vehicle is not authorized or does not hold a valid driving license.


Roadside Assistance

24-hour roadside assistance is provided; the contact details are listed in the rental agreement. In the event that it is necessary to replace the vehicle, up to 24 hours are required for inland areas, whereas for any other area within Greek territory we may need up to 72 hours.

Privacy Policy – Cookies

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V.A.T. 24%


The courts of Athens are responsible for resolving any disputes which may arise.

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